Life in the 21st Century has become increasingly stressful. It becomes difficult to cope with the hustle & bustle in this busy life. The best way to manage stress is to find a calm, relaxing, environment, to which one can retreat, to de-stress and rejuvenate oneself be it on weekends or just any time at all.

          We offer a retreat near enough to get to, yet offering the solitude in laps of mother Nature, secluded from the frenzy of city living. It is located at Kevadia, just 83km from vadodara, 86 km from Bharuch and 191 km from Ahmedabad. It reaches down to touch the banks of Narmada River, across which are hilly forest reserves with an abundance of flora and fauna which greatly contribute to the bio-diversity of the area.

          Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd, a project of govt of Gujarat, recognizes the immense potential the place holds for developing various tourists activities like Adventure and Aqua Sports, Mountaineering camps, Parks, Boating, etc. It is aimed to provide quality time with family & friends in a peaceful, pollution-free environment.

  • Multi cuisine restaurant.
  • luxurious rooms equipped with phone, telivision and AC.
  • Laundry service available.
  • Free parking and free cleaning.
Our Standards
  • Hygienic Food: We grow most of the vegetables in our vicinity, hence serve clean and hygienic food.
  • Cleanliness: We maintain clean and pollution free environment.
  • Customer satisfaction: We are devoted to serving our customers with respect and integrity


Sardar Sarovar Dam and View points.

There are six points around the dam site: The foundational stone laid by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961, the first lock gate of the main canal, a lake where boating takes place, a garden, a site with a side view of the flow of the water from the dam, a trekking site with a nature camp for tourists.

Statue of Unity

This monument is under construction and is dedicated to Indian Independence movement leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This statue is proposed to be 182 meters in height, the tallest compared to other statues of the world.

Shoolpaneshvar Mahadev temple

It was originally located in Shoolpaneshvar but under submergence, the Government had built this temple to replace the original ancient temple that was submerged by the dam.

Zarvani waterfall and Shoolpaneshvar wild life sanctuary

The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of animals like leopards, wild sloth bears, hyena, various species of Deers and wild dogs. Also, rhesus monkey and the barking deer which are rarely found in other parts of the country are available here. Zaravni waterfall and the beautiful flora and fauna is an attraction.

Vadgam lake

It makes a beautiful scenery of lake made by large water body between Narmada Dam and Main Canal Head regulator. Jet fountain of 45m height is available here.

Boating and Gardens

Facility of boating is available in Panchmuli lake and Khalvani lake and a beautiful garden is built at the Swagat Sthal to facilitate tourism.

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