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Experience Paradise on Earth untouched by changed times.We offer Spacious Accomodation and friendly service and beautiful lannscape in the vicinity to brighten your day. Nurture your mind, body and soul in the laps of mother Nature.


Life in the 21st Century has become increasingly stressful. It becomes difficult to cope with the hustle & bustle in this busy life. The best way to manage stress is to find a calm, relaxing, environment, to which one can retreat, to de-stress and rejuvenate oneself-be it on weekends or just any time at all.

River del room

Re-define living at Hotel River Del amidst serene natural environs with luxury.

Riverdel restaurant

Enjoy fine dining experience with family and friends amidst natural landscape and quality service.

Outdoor catering
Outdoor Catering

Share your dreams and unique moments of your life with your loved ones. You choose, we deliver.


Take a look at what you cannot miss if you are at Kevadia and why is the place worth visiting.

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